The Savour story started as an answer to prayer.

I was a stay at home mom of two young children, 4 and 2. I have always worked and been a professional, so having children and staying home was a hard and big adjustment for me. While I loved staying home with my children, I missed working and producing. My prayer to God was, “I want to work, but I want to be home with my kids too…can you help me with this?”

On a random evening, my sister-in-law was mentioning how she was selling thrifted clothing on an online site and how she had made quite a bit doing it. She recommenced me checking out the site and other resellers doing the same thing, so I did. It clicked, I was in.

I started selling clothing on Poshmark late July 2019 and have been doing it ever since. In the midst of selling online, I found that a lot of my girlfriends were interested in what I was doing, so I started hosting parties for them out of my home so that they could get their hands on my inventory too! This process is evolving and continues to evolve into what Savour Clothing is today.

It is my prayer that other moms like me, and women in general, can develop a business plan in this business and find success.

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